David Folenius

Lead Vocals

For over 30 years, David Folenius has shared the Gospel message across the United States and abroad through music.  As he was getting started at the young age of 15, he loved traveling and singing.  He knew this was what God anointed him to do, but he was torn and wrestling with his calling.

“I was really struggling in my relationship with Christ.”, David recalls.  “I had a hard time completely surrendering my will over to God’s will because I thought it would get in the way of my plans and other things I wanted to do.  I tried it “my way” for many years.  Words can’t convey how difficult life was during that time.  It wasn’t until I realized God wanted all of me, not just 80%, that I completely surrendered all areas of my life over to Him. Almost immediately, God began to restore every aspect of my life, including those that I thought I had lost forever.  He began to bless me far greater than I could imagine or expect.”  Little did David know that his journey would allow him to see countless decisions made to know and follow Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

David is a seasoned vocalist and is recognized for having a special and unique voice.  Over the years, David has worked for many well-known and recognized groups in gospel music, including the legendary Stamps Quartet, where he sang the baritone part.  He possesses a broad range and is not limited to singing just one vocal style.  Not only can he sing the feature melody, but he is also a gifted harmony singer and can hear and sing all the parts.  As such, he’s been referred to as a vocal “Swiss Army knife”.  Whatever the song needs stylistically, he has it in his tool box.  But his talents and gifts are overshadowed by his love of the Lord, and the conviction and anointing that he ministers and sings with today.

David continues, “I still love to sing!  But if applause was the only reward, that is not nearly enough to justify the sacrifices that this kind of ministry requires and imposes on ourselves and our families.  Every time we see the lost come to know Christ as Lord, or when we see someone encouraged or lifted up through our message and music, that makes the cost worth everything!  It’s all about answering the call and being found faithful in the service of the Lord.”

David is an ordained minister.  As the son of a pastor, he believes that his years of experience, his Christian heritage, and his walk with the Lord has all been in preparation for this specific time and journey.  David says, "The last thirty-plus years have been an incredible journey, and I don't take one opportunity for granted.  However, I'm more excited about the ministry of Folenius than anything I've ever done in the past!  In the time I have left on Earth, I want to use my gifts to make an eternal difference in someone's life!”


Fun facts:

Favorite Food: Japanese

Favorite Scripture: And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose. - Romans 8:28

Favorite Hobbies: golf, golf, and more golf!!!

“To God be the glory, great things He hath Done!”

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